Three decades ago, Mr. Ashok Kumar pioneered to run a small plastics manufacturing company. A diligent and dedicated personality, he emerged successful and established the firm into a family business organization. He focussed on building a brand image and capturing domestic market segment. Mr. Amit Balgotra is the second-generation entrepreneur of the family. SSExim is the brainchild of his initiative to develop the business and have a go at global markets. Guar Gum, predominantly produced in Rajasthan is a highly demanded product as a thickener, stabilizer across the globe in multiple industrial sectors. Hailing from Rajasthan, he decided to enter the world of exports with Guar related products.

Mr. Amit Balgotra

Amit Balgotra obtained his graduate degree in the field of Commerce from University of Madras. He has been associated with the family business for 10 years, learning the nuances of manufacturing and trading business. Identifying the potential demand of Guar products in global markets, he encouraged the idea of diversification and expansion of business. Designated as Exports Manager, he holds the decision-making clout in the exports of Guar gum.

A stern believer of Quality as the backbone of business, we keenly observe each step from procurement to packing to ensure that the products of international quality. Stringent care is taken to maintain the hygienic conditions throughout the processing phase.

Vision – To be the globally trustworthy supplier of utmost superior quality thickener products and delight the customers