Guar or Cluster bean, the source of Guar gum, is a leguminous plant. Cultivated mainly in Indian subcontinent for centuries, it grows in steppe areas, where rainfall is less but frequent. It is primarily grown during crop rotation cycle to enhance the soil nutrients by nitrogen fixation process. Traditionally grown as vegetable and animal fodder, industrial and commercial demand for Guar as a gelling agent started in 1950s. India is the major exporter of Guar gum with 80% of exports value, followed by Pakistan. Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat leads the production in India.


SS Exim is a leading processor and exporter of guar gum in different grades. Our processing unit is in Rajasthan, where 70% of India’s total guar production crop up and we are tied with major guar cultivators in the region. Our team with technical expertise ensures the quality of raw materials before grading and processing of guar seed. Environment friendly infrastructure, focus on hygiene, quality assurance at each phase are the trust building factors behind our success mantra.